Quicker Stickers utilises the latest eco-friendly digital print technology to design and print stickers and adhesive labels specialising in short runs for hobbyists, start-ups, small businesses and large corporate clients.

Digital printing involves the digitisation of a creative design idea with the aid of powerful complex software such as Photoshop which is rendered to a sophisticated printing system capable of controlling nano-droplets of latex ink precisely positioned onto a substrate such as adhesive vinyl in relation to a colour pixel within the digital design and calculated at lightning speed.

The ink droplets are then heated to fix or preserve the ink colour on the substrate, releasing the nano-size latex ink droplet container to rise and float on the surface of the ink colour and form a rubberised protectant sealing layer.

This process is continuously performed for the entire (CMYK colour mode) design, each pixel is transformed into coloured ink dependent on the colour calculation rendered to the printer in percentages of the 4 process colours – Cyan (C) Magenta (M) Yellow (Y) Black (K) – the CMYK colour mode of the design software.
For example Fire Engine Red or Tomato Red might be seen as Warm Red in industry. Warm Red in CMYK percentages would be:
C 0%
M 100%
Y 100%
K 0%

Depending on the print resolution, a Warm Red printed area would have 100% coverage of Magenta and Yellow ink droplets and no Cyan or Black ink droplets.
Other printed areas of similar red printed nearby would have similar percentages and if a darker red would also include low percentages of Black and Cyan ink droplets.
Dark areas or shadows may have 100% droplet coverage of all 4 process colours to ensure blackness or only high percentages if not quite black.

There is almost an infinite number of CMYK% combinations to represent all the colours of the spectrum – but in fact CMYK is limited to a gamut of colours. That is, all the colours possible for the naked eye to see cannot be reproduced by CMYK and additional ink colours are needed to widen the colour gamut further. These colours are Light Magenta and Light Cyan.
Our printing system includes LM and LC to accurately reproduce your digital colour designs.

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