Good graphic design is critical to the success of the stickers and adhesive labels we print for business or individual use and often the best design is the simplest design.

Quicker Stickers prefers to print stickers and adhesive labels from print-ready artwork created by a professional design business. Print-ready files usually includes formats such as Adobe Illustrator (AI) and Portable Document File (PDF).
The print file needs to have a high quality resolution of up to 1200 DPI to enable fine details to print perfectly and the working file would be rasterized and vectorized to maintain the integrity of the design and prevent modifications or post-editing or even font substitution. The design would be created and saved as CMYK to avoid colour distortions if transposed from RGB colour mode.
Trim marks and registration marks aren’t necessary as the page size or image size indicates the finished final trim size. Or if there is print running to the edge of the design, 3mm bleed is required and the resultant page size or image size would be 6mm larger overall. For example, a sticker or adhesive label 100mm x 100mm with bleed would have a page size or image size of 106mm x 106mm.

Quicker Stickers has the capacity to create label designs in-house if required by customers who may have a concept or idea but not the skills to produce print ready artwork. Often our first design perfectly fits the design brief to the customer’s satisfaction and moving to production immediately afterwards results in fast delivery of the final sticker from start to finish, often within a tight deadline and budget.
If necessary revised designs are submitted for approval to anywhere in Australia to achieve the best result prior to production.

Quicker Stickers is proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and various other hardware related design programmes including SAI Flexi Design and GSP Composer.

We are able to compose a design from a collection of elements supplied by the customer including photos (JPEG), text (WORD DOC), fonts (TTF) or original printed material requiring scanning.

Design work is often time-consuming and adds an additional cost to printing stickers and adhesive labels. Complex designs or multiple product line adhesive labels can result in extended print production schedules in order to achieve the best result.

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