Quicker Stickers produces digitally printed colour graphics on “Bubble Free” adhesive vinyl in short runs, usually as square, rectangular or round shapes.
However, it is sometimes preferable to eliminate the surrounding background of the label or sticker and produce a unique shape to compliment the design.

This is called a contour cut and requires special design software to generate the shape by analysing the graphic and digitally producing a smooth uniform cutting path for the label which is sent to the specialised cutting machinery to follow once the sticker is printed. The printer and cutter are synchronised or calibrated to perform this function perfectly and multiple times.
The contour cut path can be adjusted as necessary to produce the best result. For example the cut may be at the edge of the graphic or at a set distance away from the graphic to create a border around the design or image.

The contour can be a combination of lettering and graphic such as a specific business logo where a business name overlays the business logo.
An example may be a security business that has a shield shape protruding from behind the business name.

Another use of a contour cut sticker may be to emphasise a product is manufactured in Australia for example by contour cutting the sticker in the shape of Australia.

Any label or sticker design can be contour cut to shape and requires additional design work to create a great and appealing look. This extra process usually adds to the production schedule and is a premium service.
Wine bottle labels make up a large portion of this service as do micro-breweries which produce unique boutique brands and contour cut labels enhance the uniqueness of the product making it look its best.

Special events and conference organisers add custom designed contour cut labels to clean skin wine bottles purchased specifically for an event, often emblazoned with the event logo and date.
Small runs of custom wine bottle labels for weddings are also popular as gifts for guests and to compliment the reception banquet. Best of all, the name of the couple and the wedding date are printed on the label in silver or gold.

Quicker Stickers can produce unique custom made contour cut stickers and labels for businesses or individuals seeking a unique point of difference when it comes to product branding Australia wide using the latest on demand digital label printing machinery and most up to date design software with the best gloss or matt adhesive materials available.

Quicker Stickers sends labels and stickers to customers locally or throughout Australia regularly and recommends Express Post as the best method for guaranteed Next Day delivery.

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